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Why A Process Consulting Firm?

Ask business executives to define the word ‘process’ and undoubtedly you will receive multiple definitions and explanations.  Merriam-Webster defines ‘process’ as a series of actions that produce something or that lead to a particular result.  That is a very simple and straightforward definition.  Yet many questions remain, including:

  • Why do executives struggle to define their own company’s processes?
  • Why do organizations continually accept inefficient and substandard processes?
  • Why do leaders not hold their teams accountable for process excellence?

These questions, and many others like them, led to the founding of Curtis Process Consulting.  We are singularly dedicated to the understanding and improvement of process in the market place.

Knowledge And Experience

At Curtis Process Consulting, all we do is process.  While coming from various industries and backgrounds, our team consists of individuals who have dedicated their careers to the pursuit of process-related topics and capabilities.  Equally important is our experience applying process improving techniques across varying industries, including:

  • Advertising
  • Aerospace
  • Banking
  • Consumer Products
  • Energy
  • Federal Government
  • Financial Services
  • Grocery
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Mass Media
  • Medical Devices
  • Oil & Gas
  • Private Equity
  • Retail
  • Transportation


Every client is unique.  We understand that at Curtis Process Consulting and work tirelessly to establish a true partnership based on trust, integrity, and a passion for process improvement.  Working together hand-in-hand we will establish a unique and customized approach to the challenges facing your organization enabling you to gain competitive advantage through the power of process.

Why Curtis Process Consulting?

We know process.  It is who we are.  And it is what we do.  Contact us if you are ready to leverage process for competitive advantage in your industry.

Curtis Process Consulting


What Our Clients Say

"Our business is highly complex and highly variable, and often takes 'outsiders' months to even understand the basics. The team from CPC hit the ground running. They navigated our organization well from the outset, helping our people understand difficult process assessment techniques, with which we were unfamiliar, and led them to embrace change as a means to improve our company's performance and their individual roles within it. As a result we were able to get beyond the inherent complexities of our business in short order, quickly 'size the prize' of our process opportunities, and develop a roadmap for success."

Gary L. Kessler
Carey International, Inc.

"In our world of Advertising, PROCESS is often seen as a dirty word. Curtis Process Consulting embraced this dynamic and customized their approach to allow our people to learn and leverage process improvement approaches that work in our unique and dynamic environment. Because of this our enterprise wide focus on process is taking hold in our planning, operations, and most importantly our customer interactions."

Robert T. Adams
SB&A | Brooks Adams Research